Why I Lead

This is the beginning of my third year in an administrative position.  Prior to becoming our district’s curriculum director, I taught 2nd grade.  Some might say that I’m just beginning my leadership role, but I would argue that I have been leading my entire life.  I am a middle child and relished the role of “leading” my younger brother.  He, however, wasn’t a very cooperative follower.  🙂  Growing up, I sought ways to lead from starting a girls’ club at school when I was seven years old, to being the vice president of my senior class.  I have always enjoyed spending time with young children, and have always enjoyed learning and growing.  Those two passions led me to a career in education.  That took leadership to a whole new level.

Each day I would enter my classroom ready to lead my students a bit further down their path of life and learning.  I was able to shape how they viewed themselves as writers, how they solved problems, how to be a good friends, and what it means to be a responsible citizen.

I never thought I’d want to be a school administrator, but here I am beginning my third year as a district administrator, and I’m excited once again about leading at a different level.  Not only do I get to have an impact on what and how our students learn, but I get to do the same with our teachers.  I get to learn from them, and alongside them.  I get to share new ideas and new knowledge with them.  I get to attend a large variety of professional development opportunities, and pass on what I have learned to the other members of the administrative team and their teachers.  I get to connect with educators from all over the world who love what they do, too.

Why do I lead?

Because I love to learn.


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I am an educator excited by the possibilities available. I am a teacher, administrator, consultant, trainer, copy editor, and more. I write about my own experiences as an educator and learner.
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