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#AprilBlogADay prompt: What are you reading? Professionally or Personally?

 I love to read.  Always have.  I have so many books in my Kindle library (free via Bookbub) that I will probably never get to all of them.  Reading on my phone is my favorite way to read because I always have my current book with me.  This works great for fiction, but not so well with nonfiction.  Nonfiction books that I read typically have parts I want to highlight, tab, and refer to later.  I know I can do all of these things electronically, it’s just not as easy access quickly.

I recently finished Divergent and Insurgent, and am anxiously awaiting Allegiant (on reserve at the library).  I realize I am a bit behind the game with these books, but I tend to shy away from bandwagon books.  But, with the release of Insurgent in the theaters, I thought it was time to check them out.  I don’t like seeing movies before I read the books.  I read Insurgent in a day and a half (spring break fun).  I met a new friend recently who recommended The Four-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.  I am really liking the book.  Tim’s style of writing is humorous and easy to relate to.  My problem is that I am rarely motivated to read nonfiction – even if I am already into it.  I was reading it on the elliptical this morning, but got to parts that I really needed to be able to write about as I read, so needed something else to read.  I opened my Kindle app and chose a newly downloaded novel, Say When by Tara West.  I’m not far enough into it yet to give any kind of review, but I’m intrigued enough to keep reading.

I have a twelve-year-old daughter who has inherited my addiction for reading.  She is at the age where we sometimes like the same books.  This is so much fun to have these “book talks” in my very own home (Yes, I’m a bit of a nerd, and not ashamed of that fact.).  My eight-year-old son loves to listen to books, rather than read them.  If I can get him to slow down enough to sit with a book, he typically enjoys reading, but would still prefer to listen.  He passes hours listening to books on CD in his room while building Legos, or setting up battlefields with his Army guys.  My daughter, however, recommended a trilogy for me to read to my son.  We finished The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen, and are halfway through the sequel, The Runaway King.  They are so good, and we are both usually disappointed when we have to put it down.

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  1. bloomingedu says:

    Thank you for sharing about BookBub, I just created an account and am looking forward to exploring. I wrote about a similar dilemma to you when reading non-fiction books and had been wondering how other people handle that as well…I go back and forth between reading them on the Kindle and buying the print versions.


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