When to Retweet, and When to Favorite

retweet  vs  favorite

I’m going to oversimplify this a bit.

Retweet to share content with your followers.  Favorite to save content for later reference.

Now, there are different reasons to do both.  I like to Retweet for a couple of reasons.  1.) I think whatever was tweeted is beneficial enough to share it with other people (great quote, poignant question, relevant article, etc.).  2.) I want to give the person tweeting it some recognition.  I also typically Retweet when someone mentions me in a tweet. No one knows if you Favorite a tweet except for the person you Favorited from, so this doesn’t give you any recognition with other followers, but does send another connection to that Tweep.  I like to Favorite an article that I don’t have time to read now, but want to find it easily later.  I also favorite quotes or pictures that I might want to reference later, as well.  It’s how a curate Twitter content.

Short, simple, and hopefully a little helpful.

How do you decide what to Retweet and what to Favorite?

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