What can 6th Graders do about Human Trafficking? #endslavery

Last Thursday I got to go back to the classroom, this time to teach sixth graders about human trafficking.  (Keep in mind that my last fourteen years as an educator have been spent in K-2 classrooms.)  Our sixth grade teachers do a study on various cultures through a unit called Passport to Adventure.  They invite … More What can 6th Graders do about Human Trafficking? #endslavery

Holiday hustle

One meeting at 9:30 (that lasted until 12:30), and another at 3:30.  Tomorrow: meeting at 7:45, leave for North Webster at 11:15, back for meeting at 3:30.  Thursday: present at our intermediate school all morning, then back to elementary for school-wide planning meeting.  Friday: meeting at 9:00, then leave at 11:00 for meeting in  Fort … More Holiday hustle

Technology take-off

Wow…in the past two weeks I have done more technologically-speaking than in my last five years.  As a second-grade teacher, I never felt like I had extra time to “explore the world of technology”.  As a new curriculum director, however, I see the value of doing whatever I’m expecting the teachers in our corporation to … More Technology take-off