Math Apps, cont. (plus some other stuff)

I hadn’t planned on researching more math resources this week, but a fantastic fifth grade teacher asked me to find something for her accelerated math students.  And here is a little secret that most wouldn’t know about me…I’m a closet math geek.  I actually considered getting my master’s in math (that was pretty short-lived since … More Math Apps, cont. (plus some other stuff)

Math App Monday

I have been meeting with new teachers since school started to get to know them and offer my support.  I have been overwhelmingly impressed by the quality people we have hired for this year (eighteen new teachers to be exact!).  Last week I began making my rounds touching base with our second-year teachers (also very … More Math App Monday

Primary Sources

Most weeks I will spend time exploring a variety of websites and apps I have collected throughout the week.  However, I found an article on Edutopia last week that has 6 Free Online Resources for Primary Source Documents With the Common Core Literacy Standards, all classes/contents need to be teaching students how to research and write … More Primary Sources