2,953 Reasons I Love Google (Yikes – really?!)

Ok, so I’m not actually going to list 2,953 reasons for anything.  I’m just feeling left out of the put-a-number-in-your-blogpost-title bandwagon, and wanted to jump on board.  I also want to say that more than ten of anything on a list is too many.  Who has time to look through the “65 best web tools” post, … More 2,953 Reasons I Love Google (Yikes – really?!)

Blog like a pirate

One of my job responsibilities (and personal interests) is to vet digital resources for the teachers of our district.  I typically  blog about specific apps and websites.  While I know this is helpful for our teachers who are short on time, or on the knowledge as to where to find these resources, I don’t want … More Blog like a pirate