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What passion project are you working on?

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November 2011

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I received the prompt for today’s blog post Saturday morning.  I instantly thought, “Oh no, I don’t have a passion project.  What will I possibly write about.”  So, I left it for the time being.  Then today (Sunday) I went out for an afternoon walk.  I started thinking about the prompt some more, concentrating more on the “passion” part, and getting less bogged down by the “project” idea.  I have passions.  So, which one am I most focused on right now?  That was much easier to figure out.

I have written about leadership before.  I have always been a leader (and, yes, I was called “bossy” more than once while I was growing up).  It wasn’t until a few years ago and a career move that made me realize how much I enjoyed it, and how much I needed to learn.  I have definitely learned from a previous boss what not to do in a leadership role.  I received my administrator’s license from Indiana Wesleyan University where they focused on servant leadership.  Both experiences (the negative and the positive) taught me much about being a good leader, but I am not done learning.  I enjoy connecting with leaders, following leaders on Twitter and LinkedIn, reading about leaders, and books by them.  My passion project is learning how to be a better leader.  And I’m starting to realize that I will never finish this “project”, because I will never stop growing and learning.  It’s who I am, and that makes me happy.

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