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Five Friday Faves (Taking-Care-of-Me edition)

Last night I was sitting at the table with my family and said, “I need an idea for my Five Friday Faves post.”  My 9yo offered some suggestions that only a 9yo boy could think of.  I replied that I … Continue reading

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Is it possible to love too much?

I just finished the book, When Mockingbirds Sing, by Billy Coffey.  In it, the father of the main character, a psychologist, often puts his work before his wife and young daughter.  They excuse this by saying that it’s because he, “loves … Continue reading

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Before We Periscope From Our Schools, Let’s Think For a Moment

I fell in love with Periscope, the free live-streaming app created by Twitter, this summer while at ISTE.  Free, instant access to events happening around the world – finally!  The myriad of ways I could see implementing it in my…

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My five favorite features of Gmail (that you may or may not even know about)

I am a Google fan, it’s true.  And this fandom all started back in 2006 when I converted my email over to Gmail. During those early years (cue background monologue music), I mostly used it as a tool for emailing. … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be a Lead Learner?

I remember a couple of years ago when I was in my first year as a curriculum director, and an active Twitter lurker. (Some might argue that label is an oxymoron, but it’s not.  I’ve sense moved out of the … Continue reading

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Five Friday Faves: Newly Discovered Web Tools Edition

    Some of these websites, webpages, and/or web tools may not be very new to you, but they are all resources that I have discovered within the last month.   Each of them makes my life easier, and my … Continue reading

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Teachers as Learners

  I have had the honor of providing a variety of professional development and trainings for teachers over the past few years.  I love that I get to combine two of my passions: education and leadership.  But I noticed something … Continue reading

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Five Friday Faves: Leadership edition

What is the most important character trait in a leader?  Ask that question to ten different people, and you could possibly receive ten different answers.  I always appreciate quotes, tweets, and posts that differentiate between leading and managing; between a leader … Continue reading

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