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My Five Favorite Places in Indiana

Growing up, I didn’t enjoy many of the facets to living in Indiana.  It’s funny how, while life gets busier as you get older, you notice the little things more.  While I love to travel and experience new places, I’m … Continue reading

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What do we expect from our students?

I’ve spent my morning working on a post on formative assessment.  It’s an important topic, and one I enjoy learning about and discussing.  Today, however, I’m left finding it difficult to concentrate on my work. For the past couple of … Continue reading

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Five Favorite (YA) Fiction Books(ish)

I love to read.  I mean, really, really, really like it.  I enjoy reading a variety of genres, but definitely prefer fiction for my pleasure reading.  Typically, if someone asks me my favorite book, I just sit there blank-faced.  Most avid … Continue reading

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Five Favorite Formative Assessment Tools

I hope all educators would agree on the importance of formative assessment.  What we might disagree on is the method for assessing.  Maybe you have your “quizzes” all made up from previous years.  Maybe your district requires everyone to administer … Continue reading

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I’m “just” a teacher

A few months ago, a student from my alma mater called me to ask if I’d donate to the university.  He then asked me if he could update my profile information.  The next sentence was one that often leaves me … Continue reading

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Why One Good Teacher Left the Classroom

I recently published the post, Why Are Good Teachers Leaving the Classroom?  One of my friends, Andrea GrandPré, mentioned in the article, wrote this in response: You nailed it. I definitely left for change. I miss the students some days, but … Continue reading

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Why are good teachers leaving the classroom?

My mother retired from teaching after 40+years.  The great part was that she was still at the top of her game.  She primarily taught kindergarten throughout that time.  I have taught K-2 at various times in my career, and I … Continue reading

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