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The #1 Reason Formative Assessment is Imperative to Learning

Previously, I wrote a post featuring some of my favorite formative assessment tools.  They are pretty simple and fairly well-known, and yet, I received many thanks from talented teachers for the list.  I also hear, often, of formative and summative assessments … Continue reading

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My Beginnings as a Blogger

Confession time:  I have always hated journaling.  I would attend some great workshop, or talk to some fantastic writer and be convinced of the joys and benefits of journaling regularly.  I’d open up a cute new notebook, determined to make … Continue reading

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Using Google Drawing across the curriculum

I have long been a fan and user of Google Drive and all the apps have to offer.  It wasn’t until recently, however, that I showed any favor to Google Drawing.  In my recent round of technology integration coaching with … Continue reading

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Five Reasons I Love My Job

This past summer I made the switch from public school educator to entrepreneur.  I get to use my years of experience as a classroom teacher and district-level curriculum director to impact schools around our country as an educational consultant and trainer. … Continue reading

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Rock star, Movie Star, or Me?

What a week!  I just spent three, jam-packed days with teachers and students in Round Rock ISD, in Texas.  I first met “my” group of nineteen teachers and ten instructional technology specialists in September at a whole-group “kick-off”.  These teachers … Continue reading

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There’s Power in Your Story

I saw this image somewhere earlier this month. It immediately struck a chord with me, but not in the manner the creator probably intended.  The thing is, our past has directly impacted our story, and because of that will always … Continue reading

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Five Friday Faves – Small things that bring me big joy

        This week has been crazy busy (seems like that is the case more than it should be), and that means that my Five Friday Faves topic didn’t get thought about until this morning.  I just dropped my … Continue reading

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The Ultimate List of What it Means to Be a Great Leader

Puts others’ needs ahead of his own Models ethical behavior Goes to where the needs are Makes time to ensure she is spiritually, mentally, and physically strong Speaks with kindness and compassion Calls out wrong behavior Never compromises his own integrity … Continue reading

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Classroom Assessment – Broken down into a simple Q&A

Q: What does it mean to assess?   A: Assessing is simply taking a measurement of progress, knowledge, or mastery. Q: How do formative and summative assessments differ? A: Formative assessments are used periodically throughout the instructional/learning process to determin progress.  Summative assessments are … Continue reading

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