“Change doesn’t come from a slogan…”

  Change management takes time, finesse, and dedication.  There are components to successful and sustainable change that are quite necessary. There needs to be a well-developed, and well-articulated vision.  Goals, action steps, and strategy built from that vision come next.  But the bottom line of this quote is the most important of all: the people. … More “Change doesn’t come from a slogan…”

The Equation for Successful Leadership

Passion+Commitment+ An open mind+Space to flourish=Success in Leadership I am a passionate person, in general.  Get me talking about education, innovation, and leadership and you’ll see that even quicker.  And, wow, when I get to talk to a like-minded person, the energy is off the charts.  I became an educational consultant because I’m passionate about … More The Equation for Successful Leadership

Organizational Leadership

I’ve often written about leadership as it’s an area of interest for me and something about which I’m passionate.  I’m even going to make the claim that I’ve always had characteristics of a leader.  While I was somewhat shy as a child, I could organize my group of friends at recess like nobody’s business.  I lived … More Organizational Leadership