How I Inspire Creativity

  I was recently asked how I inspire creativity in others.  I firmly believe that everyone is born with creative spirits.  the sad part is that along the way most of us lose it.  Or, more likely, misplace it.  I remember years ago during the big scrapbooking rage telling a friend at a scrapbooking party … More How I Inspire Creativity

Embracing Failure

  How often do we allow our students to fail and see it as a good thing?  How often do we let ourselves have that same freedom?  It is through failed ideas, trials, and projects that we become stronger learners.  Our ideas are clarified. Our trials move to the next phase.  Our projects are improved. … More Embracing Failure

What is authentic learning?

I recently read somewhere that people can listen with understanding for 90 minutes, listen for retention for 20 minutes, but they need to be actively involved every 8 minutes.  Now if you are an elementary teacher, then your kids are, most likely (hopefully!), actively involved every 8 minutes anyway.  If you are a student-directed secondary … More What is authentic learning?