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Failing Spectacularly

I was listening to the radio today and they were interviewing Andy Grammer.  The DJ asked what advice he’d’ have for musicians that haven’t “made it” yet.  He said, “Fail spectacularly.”  He went on to say that you can be … Continue reading

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Is homework good or bad?

I spent the majority of my career as a second-grade teacher.  I loved teaching children at that age.  The kids came to school happy to see me, happy to be at school, and even requested homework from time to time. … Continue reading

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Leadership in the Fast Lane

  My dad is a car guy.  In his life, he has owned some pretty awesome cars.  He also instilled an appreciation for beautiful vehicles in me.  I recognize gorgeous cars of all varieties, but I am pretty partial to … Continue reading

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Why 40 is better than 20

If you are under the age of 40, I know what you are thinking about my title…that’s only something that old people say.  If you are around 40 or older, though, I bet you are nodding and agreeing with me. … Continue reading

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Equipping Leaders in the Age of Literacy

I taught in the primary grades for fifteen years. In general, primary grade teachers are all literacy leaders.  Teaching students to read and write are top priorities every day in their classrooms.  That importance doesn’t go away, however, just because … Continue reading

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Empowered by Reciprocal Learning – Student Engagement Series

I recently had coffee with a good teacher friend.  He was telling me that their district is moving from iPads to Chromebooks for next school year.  Some of the other teachers were rejoicing because then the students “wouldn’t be playing games … Continue reading

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