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What does it mean to be a nerd?

I entered a G/T class in fourth grade and quickly understood what it meant to be a nerd.  Unfortunately, I was one.  I bucked that image as soon as I started junior high and didn’t look back. Today, however, my … Continue reading

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Learning that Amuses the Mind

  I have two children, and I think they are both pretty amazing. The hardest part about the job I do as an educational consultant is being away from them. So, sitting on the airplane on my way to Arizona, … Continue reading

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Moving from Idea to Action

All good leaders are full of great ideas. The key is knowing which ideas to develop  and when. Some may never go beyond the idea phase.  Others may be able to be brought to fruition fairly easily. Others take study, … Continue reading

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You shouldn’t be in education if…

One of the most popular questions in a teacher interview is, “Why did you become a teacher?” I remember a professor prepping us for this question by telling us not to answer with, “Because I love kids.” While it may … Continue reading

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