Trust me…it gets easier

My children (along with the kids at our church) are working to raise money for Kids Against Hunger.  In January, we will package 20,000 meals to be dispersed to those dying of starvation.  I love this very real way for my own children to be involved in helping others.  In order to do this, we

Word Clouds and Technology in the Classroom

With the adoption of Common Core State Standards, my job has become more valuable.  This year in Common Core states, our content-area teachers in grades 6-12 must teach Common Core Literacy Standars with their academic standards.  Some are taking this in stride, realizing that they have already been doing it.  Others are panicking by yet

Motivating Boy Readers

What do humor and action have in common?  They appeal to boys.  Most boys actually enjoy being read to in their early years.  But what happens once they turn 8, 9, 10 years old?  They want to be running around…playing, laughing, making strange noises with their bodies.  Even if they don’t eagerly choose to grab

Reflecting Inspiration

This is a year of change for me.  The biggest change comes in my career.  I went from being a classroom teacher for the past fourteen years (mostly in second-grade) to becoming our school district’s Curriculum Director.  As I learn and grow in this new capacity, I find myself needing somewhere to reflect on this