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Purposeful Collaboration

I collaborate virtually on something with someone every single day. Some recent examples include: sharing a grocery list with my husband through Google Keep planning an anniversary party for our parents with my siblings via group text messages Scheduling school … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be a nerd?

I entered a G/T class in fourth grade and quickly understood what it meant to be a nerd.  Unfortunately, I was one.  I bucked that image as soon as I started junior high and didn’t look back. Today, however, my … Continue reading

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My Five Favorite Characteristics of Exceptional Teachers

They love their students…even those who are most unlovable. They spend time getting to know their students on a daily basis.  They know that relationships are the foundation for all real learning. They say “yes” more than they say “no”. … Continue reading

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To One of the Greats – a tribute to one of my favorite teachers

The first week of May is always a bit insane in my little town.  For being so small, our town has a booming dance studio, and dance takes over this week as our kids, ages 3-18, get ready for the … Continue reading

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Why 40 is better than 20

If you are under the age of 40, I know what you are thinking about my title…that’s only something that old people say.  If you are around 40 or older, though, I bet you are nodding and agreeing with me. … Continue reading

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Equipping Leaders in the Age of Literacy

I taught in the primary grades for fifteen years. In general, primary grade teachers are all literacy leaders.  Teaching students to read and write are top priorities every day in their classrooms.  That importance doesn’t go away, however, just because … Continue reading

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Student Engagement: More than just jargon

How many students get excited about writing essays or reports?  How many students can’t wait to crack open those textbooks each day (or log onto digital textbooks because it’s basically the same thing)? How many students look forward to entering your … Continue reading

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