3 Takeaways from Intentional Reflection

When I was a classroom teacher I tended to reflect “on the fly.” I’d take a quick assessment and make adjustments on teaching materials, strategies, and temperature of the class. I’d either reteach or make notes for changes for the following year. When I attended professional development opportunities, I’d often reflect through the conversations I

Navigating the Unfamiliar

I am what you might call a frequent flyer. I have flown in and out of many different airports for my work and traveled internationally numerous times in the past for vacations. But none of those experiences prepared me for the frustrations I was to experience recently in the Mexico City airport. My family was traveling

Is homework good or bad?

I spent the majority of my career as a second-grade teacher.  I loved teaching children at that age.  The kids came to school happy to see me, happy to be at school, and even requested homework from time to time.  I don’t assume it was the actual work that they wanted, but the I’m-big-stuff-now feeling

What do we expect from our students?

I’ve spent my morning working on a post on formative assessment.  It’s an important topic, and one I enjoy learning about and discussing.  Today, however, I’m left finding it difficult to concentrate on my work. For the past couple of weeks, I have been experiencing extreme fatigue throughout the day.  Most days I can just work

I’m “just” a teacher

A few months ago, a student from my alma mater called me to ask if I’d donate to the university.  He then asked me if he could update my profile information.  The next sentence was one that often leaves me frustrated (if uttered by a non-educator), or baffled (if declared by a teacher).  He asked

What passion project are you working on?

I received the prompt for today’s blog post Saturday morning.  I instantly thought, “Oh no, I don’t have a passion project.  What will I possibly write about.”  So, I left it for the time being.  Then today (Sunday) I went out for an afternoon walk.  I started thinking about the prompt some more, concentrating more

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