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What Student-Driven Learning Actually Looks Like (Hint: It Looks Fun)

Have you ever heard the quote, “When one teaches, two learn”?   This supports the mindset of, “The true strength in our classroom lies in the collaboration of learners, not in the knowledge of one expert.”     Gone are the days … Continue reading

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Removing the Limitations in a Digital Environment

What is the ideal blended learning environment? I have had a lot of noneducators talk to me about technology in the classroom. Most don’t have informed opinions (so I’m happy to share mine with them). Many ask me what the … Continue reading

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Empowered by Reciprocal Learning – Student Engagement Series

I recently had coffee with a good teacher friend.  He was telling me that their district is moving from iPads to Chromebooks for next school year.  Some of the other teachers were rejoicing because then the students “wouldn’t be playing games … Continue reading

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Empowered By Choice – Student Engagement Series

Today I had the privilege of sitting in on five different lessons.  My purpose was to observe teachers who are in the process of integrating technology into their curriculum.  What I love to pay attention to, during these times, is … Continue reading

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The #1 Reason Formative Assessment is Imperative to Learning

Previously, I wrote a post featuring some of my favorite formative assessment tools.  They are pretty simple and fairly well-known, and yet, I received many thanks from talented teachers for the list.  I also hear, often, of formative and summative assessments … Continue reading

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