Purposeful Collaboration

I collaborate virtually on something with someone every single day. Some recent examples include: sharing a grocery list with my husband through Google Keep planning an anniversary party for our parents with my siblings via group text messages Scheduling school visits with teachers and administrators through a shared Google Sheet Working on a writing project

Professional development has never been easier (…or cheaper!)

Professional development for educators used to involve writing sub plans, paying hefty conference fees, and usually (especially for those of us in small towns) driving a fair distance to attend these events.  The alternative was having in-service days where all teachers listen to a speaker brought in for the corporation-wide professional development day.  Don’t get

Can students form PLCs, too?

As a new curriculum director, one of my areas of interest is professional development.  I’m a big believer in using “in-house talent” when possible.  Our school system is blessed with outstanding teachers that have a wide-range of knowledge and gifts.  I’ve recently begun an after school professional learning community (one of those new educational buzz-phrases).